Basil 101: From Garden to Plate

basil 101 garden to plate maryland virginia

What’s better than a compact, decorative plant that’s easy to maintain? A compact, decorative plant that’s easy to maintain and edible, too! Basil and other herbs are excellent choices for both houseplants and outdoor gardens. Not only do you get to admire the glossy, green foliage and dainty purple flowers, but you get to enjoy […]

Native Plants for Every Yard

No matter where you live, native plants are the backbone of the ecosystem. They have adapted to the climate and soil conditions of the area, allowing them to thrive with minimal care. That’s what makes native plants so appealing for many gardeners—you get to have an immaculate garden without spending too much time and effort. […]

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden


The beauty of a garden is in its layers of sights, sounds, textures, movement, and scents. Birds embody some of the best features of the garden with their colorful feathers, diverse shapes, and soothing voices. Attracting Birds to Your Garden The songbirds in Maryland and Virginia fall into three basic groups. Some are year-round residents […]