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Our garden centers are dedicated to helping gardeners in Maryland and Virginia grow better. In every Greenstreet Gardens location, you can explore our vibrant selection of annuals and perennials—most of which we grow in-house!

Locally-Grown Plants for Your Garden

Our commitment to quality is backed by the fact that we grow most of the plants we sell in our very own greenhouses. Our team oversees every step of the growing process to ensure that the plant you take home is of the very highest of standards and will thrive in your landscape!

Each Greenstreet Gardens location carries a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees for your landscape projects. Seasonally you’ll find fresh herbs and vegetables for a home-grown harvest. And we always offer unique and easy-to-grow houseplants for any gathering space.

Annuals & Perennials

Offering an array of dazzling and breathtaking color combinations, annuals and perennials can fill any niche in your garden. From full sun to shady corners, we have a homegrown plant for every spot in your landscape!

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the bones of a landscape. They define a space, create privacy, and anchor your property. They are both utilitarian and stylistic, providing practical beauty while adding value to your property – for both you and the local wildlife.


Explore our lush selection of indoor plants from tried-and-true houseplants to lush and exotic tropicals. Do you have a dark corner in the office that needs a little life? Or a bright spot in the kitchen that is just begging for a splash of color? We can help!

Attract Pollinators

plant natives

Maryland and Virginia are home to hundreds of native plants and pollinators. From majestic Monarch butterflies, to colorful coneflower, we share the land with some of America’s most beautiful plant and animal life. Why not invite them into your yard?

breathe better

clean air never looked this good

brēth is the perfect balance of science and design. It combines all natural air purification with modern elegance so that you can grow simply, live healthy and breathe easy.

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Blooms for Every Room

Fresh Blooms for Spring Color

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