Garden Dirt | For the Love of Perennials

Of all the plants that gardeners grow, perennials are the backbone of our gardens. These long-lived plants – they go dormant in the winter but return bigger and better in the spring – come in every shape, size, color and texture. As we plan a landscape, perennials are the choice to fill in lower and […]

Garden Dirt | There's an App for That

They say there’s app for anything, and I tend to believe it.   There is one that identifies constellations. Another shops for the best price on brand name toilet paper. Another locates the nearest coffee house. Many useful guides to the world around you, but our favorites are garden-centric: Apps that identify the big tree […]

Garden Dirt | Divide and Conquer

Are iris taking over the garden? Do the daylilies block daylight? Have huge hostas crowded out their neighbors?   Fall is the time to conquer the jungle that the garden has become. Dividing perennials is a great way to rejuvenate older plants and thin clump-forming varieties. Tackle this every three to six years to control […]

Garden Dirt | The Dreaded Tulip Envy

By Ray Greenstreet   So who’s thinking of spring? Heck, it’s not even Thanksgiving. But the seasons do speed by and when your neighbor’s yards are blooming with tulips and daffodils – and your yard is still brown and barren – you may be struck by the dreaded “tulip envy.”   Fall is the time […]

Garden Dirt | Cool Composting

by Ray Greenstreet Autumn’s to-do list: Rake leaves. Dig up annuals. Cut back perennials. Check. Check. Check. Tasks completed, and now you’ve got a pile of yard debris to deal with. Sure, you could stuff it all into a big bag and head to the landfill. But a better idea – for the environment and […]

Garden Dirt | Grow It, Eat It

Know your food. Locally grown. Locally sourced.   By Ray Greenstreet Know your food. Locally grown. Locally sourced. Those catch phrases are everywhere –on our Facebook news feed, on magazine covers, on television and radio talk shows. Best-selling books on the topic have made authors household names, like Michael Pollen and Barbara Kingsolver. And across […]

Garden Dirt | Tomato Mania

  Yowza! It is almost time for…tomatoes! We were beginning to wonder if the ground would ever warm up enough for our favorite summer crop. But spring has indeed sprung – and tomato season is on our doorstep.   You don’t need a lot of space for tomatoes – a large pot on a sunny […]