Why Is This The Best Time To Repot Your Houseplants? | Greenstreet Gardens

Why Is This The Best Time To Repot Your Houseplants?

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Did you know that the “Ides of March” are the best time to repot plants? Why? Plants go through a period of partial dormancy during winter triggered largely by shortened daylight. At the start of spring, daylight outstrips darkness which triggers a boost of growth in plants including potted plants. Just ahead of that (now) is the time to carefully look at your potted plants. Are you seeing root tips peeking from the drainage holes under the pot, or roots growing out the top of the soil surface? That’s an indicator that they may be overcrowded. Even those not showing signs of overcrowding can benefit from refreshed soil if they haven’t had some for a long while. For crowded plants consider moving up a pot size and adding new potting soil. If your pot size is okay, think about removing the top few inches of existing soil and topping your plant off with some fresh potting soil. We carry Organic Mechanics, Espoma, and other highly rated potting soils. This time of year is the time to resume feeding your potted plants as well. Feed that spring boost of growth and you’ll enjoy beautiful returns this summer.

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