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Using Houseplants to Reboot Your Interior Design

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Houseplants are beautiful, vibrant pieces of decor that make excellent accent pieces to any room. But the biggest challenge with taking them home is knowing how to arrange indoor plants to achieve that picture-perfect look you see in the magazines. Whether you’ve already amassed an extensive collection, or you’re on your way to your first houseplant purchase, here’s how you can reboot your interior design with houseplants. 


The Benefits of Houseplants in Your Interior Design

There’s a reason we find beauty in the outdoors—plants make us feel good. They add a hit of color to our world, and they bring a breath of fresh air into indoor spaces. If you’re wondering whether you need houseplants in your home, consider the amazing benefits they bring along with them!

Not only are houseplants attractive pieces of interior decor, but they contribute to an overall natural aesthetic that improves the ambiance of any room. They can add contrast, texture, and even personality to any space. Plus, with thousands and thousands of options to choose from, there’s no shortage of what you can do with them design-wise. 

Aside from their obvious visual appeal, including houseplants in your interior design will provide many other benefits to your home and the people living in it. It has been clinically proven that the presence of lush, green houseplants makes us feel at ease, which helps to improve our mood and reduce stress in our lives. This quality is especially useful for your living areas and workspaces!

Indoor plants are also known to improve air quality by absorbing the not-so-nice chemicals and toxins in our homes and replacing them with oxygen. There are many plants with these amazing air-cleaning abilities; Golden Pothos, English Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, and Aloe Vera, to name just a few!


Picking Plants for Your Interior Design

Before figuring out how to decorate with houseplants, you’ll have to choose plants that will work for your space! Here are some options to consider:

  • Large plants for open areas and floors.
  • Small plants for desks, windowsills, shelves, and other compact spaces.
  • Shade-tolerant houseplants, like Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, and Calathea to brighten up dark corners and low light rooms.
  • Trailing houseplants, like Ivy, Pothos, or String of Pearls for elevated spots, such as shelves or hanging containers.
  • Accent plants with unique shapes and colors, such as Croton, Coleus, Tillandsia, or Rex Begonia to use as interesting focal points.
  • Herbs and other edibles for the kitchen. 


How to Arrange Indoor Plants

Much like the rest of your indoor decor, picking out pieces that you like and putting them together in an attractive, balanced design are two very different things. After choosing some new additions, you’ll have to figure out how to arrange plants indoors to compliment your interior design. 

First and foremost, consider your plant’s needs. Although you might think you’ve found the perfect spot for your new Ficus, it won’t last long if that spot in a dim hallway with little natural light. If you want your houseplants to boost your interior design, you’ll have to keep their sunlight, temperature, and humidity needs in mind to ensure they remain healthy. Otherwise, those lush leaves are going to turn yellow before you know it. 

Then, choose the right pots. While it’s essential to choose plants that will work for your home, selecting decorative pots is just as impactful to the overall effect. Using the right pots to arrange indoor plants is all about complementing the shape and colors of the plant while remaining consistent with your interior decor scheme. 

Fill open spaces with large houseplants (and small spaces with little ones). Cramming large, leafy plants like Umbrella Trees, Dracaenas, and Fiddle Leaf Figs into small spaces will overwhelm the area. They’ll make much more of an impact in open living spaces, like minimalist living rooms and lofts with high ceilings. On the other hand, small, compact houseplants, like succulents, air plants, or herbs, look great in smaller rooms, like the bedroom or the kitchen. 

Group plants of different sizes and shapes. Instead of keeping like plants together, which ends up being pretty uniform and somewhat dull, group plants of various heights, widths, and shapes to put together a more visually exciting display. 

Arrange plants to create depth. Rather than lining up your houseplants single-file like they’re part of an assembly line, organize them in a close group instead. Stagger their pots, placing larger, taller houseplants in the back and smaller ones near the front. You can even use furniture, like ledges, plant stands, tables, and windowsills, to create a more dramatic contrast. The right fixtures will add interest and depth to your interior design while enhancing the style of your chosen pots and the surrounding room. 

Arrange plants in odd numbers. One of the first things an interior designer will tell you is to arrange multiples in odd numbers. There’s just something about uneven groups that capture attention and, surprisingly, will make your design look even more balanced. Even numbers are still useful for achieving symmetry or a more formal display, but odd-numbered groups are otherwise more appealing. 

Pair plants with complementary colors. Just as each room in your home probably follows and particular color scheme or aesthetic, it’s wise to pair plants that display similar or complementary colors. While foliage-only plants are pretty versatile, consider your room’s color palette when pairing them with unique, colorful leaves or bright blooms. If a bold look is what you want to achieve, you can get a little more adventurous with your arrangements. 

With spring cleaning just around the corner, it’ll soon be the perfect time to refresh and redecorate your home. Are you looking for some new houseplants to reboot your interior design? Stop by one of our locations in
Alexandria, Belle Haven, or Lothian, and we’d be happy to make some suggestions!

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