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Top 5 Trends for Inspiring Your 2020 Landscape

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New year, new trends—to many green thumbs, that means a brand new landscape design! With spring 2020 just around the corner (OK, maybe down a long hallway and around the corner), it’s time to start planning for the 2020 growing season. With a whole new decade ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to refresh our landscapes with something new—and there’s definitely no shortage of trends to get on board with. Here are our top five trends in landscaping around Alexandria and Lothian for 2020:

Vertical Gardening

We’ve done the sprawling groundcovers and wide canopies—now, it’s time to look up! Vertical interest in your landscape is something that few gardeners have mastered, but adding height to the garden is definitely on the rise. Vertical gardening is especially useful for people who don’t have a lot of square-footage to work with but still wish to embrace the space they have. 

Create a garden wall by fastening hanging pots to a fence or wall. The easiest way is to screw the pots to a wooden pallet, and then hang the pallet vertically on the structure. You could even install lines of gutters to the side of your house and use them as planters! If you’re really crafty (or know someone who is), there are loads of different vertical designs you can build to house your plants, like DIY pyramid gardens, wall planters, and even freestanding garden shelves.

If you have a little more space to work with, try tiering your flower beds to add vertical interest to your landscape, or simply work with vines and other trailing plants that easily attach to trellis’ and other frames. 

Here at Greenstreet Gardens, we specialize in growing vertically with our stunning Greenstreet Green Walls. If vertical gardening is something you’d like to get on board with, we’d be happy to help!

Water Features

Birdbaths and water fountains are really nothing new, but they’ve been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. Not only are people starting to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of hardscapes as focal points in the garden, but they’re also paying much more attention to the needs of the wildlife around them. Water features aren’t just beneficial to homeowners, but also serve as important sources of water for urban wildlife. And attracting birds and other pollinators your yard is an up and coming trend all on its own! Plus, the serenity that the sound of trickling water brings to your property is an obvious bonus.


Landscape Lighting

Traditionally, landscapes have been most enjoyed during daylight hours. It makes sense—it’s tricky to garden or enjoy your plants in the dark! But gardens aren’t just for gardening anymore! Now, we treat our landscapes like an outdoor living area—a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy with loved ones and good company. The biggest reason for this transition? Outdoor lighting!

A good landscape lighting scheme can help you make the most of your garden space and allow you to enjoy it at any time of day or night. Use the lights to strategically cast a focus on outdoor living areas and emphasize your favorite plants. This modern trend is also incredibly functional, making your pathways and outdoor living areas much easier and safer to navigate. An illuminated property will impress your guests and make backyard BBQs, dinner parties, and campfire nights much more enjoyable. 

Sustainable Gardening

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that environmentally-conscious, sustainable gardening is a driving force behind many of the landscaping trends for 2020. While a showy tropical plant here and there still adds a unique flair, homeowners are turning more and more to low-maintenance, drought-tolerant native plants. They contribute much more to the local ecosystem, and look great with half the effort! 

Not only are native or USDA zone-friendly plants much easier to care for—they’re literally made to live in our region—but they’re favorites amongst wildlife and pollinators, too. With the “Save the Bees” movement becoming a hot environmental topic over the last few years, people are recognizing more and more the importance of nurturing the world’s pollinators. 

So what does this mean for your landscape? We’re trading in our flawless, pristine designs for a more rugged, imperfect look that mirrors the environment beyond our property lines. Native plants are definitely “in”, so find inspiration from charming cottage gardens and lovely wildflowers. It may not sound like a “trend” to embrace the flora and fauna that’s been here forever, but we’re glad to see that people are generally appreciating the beauty of the natural environment around them!

Aside from plant choices, many gardeners are opting for more natural methods of pest control, rather than turning to chemicals and pesticides. And although it’s a LOT less glamorous, composting is another huge part of the sustainable gardening trend. Compost is one of the best ways to boost soil fertility, nourish your garden, and also reduce your carbon footprint. 

Edible Gardening

In keeping with the sustainability theme, growing your own food is another fad that just keeps growing (literally!). Whether you’ve got the room for a full-scale veggie garden or just enough space for some simple herbs on your windowsill, edible gardening is a gardening trend with endless benefits. 

Not only is it convenient to have your favorite fruits, veggies, and seasonings at your fingertips and in their freshest state, but it’s also much more economical! Sure, the tools, seeds, and labor is an investment at first, but when your produce is ready for harvest, you’ll definitely see a difference on your grocery bill. Plus, you just can’t beat the mouth-watering flavors of garden-fresh food. 

Spring may seem far off here in the Mid-Atlantic, but now is the time to start planning your edible garden for the 2020 growing season. In just a few short months, you’ll be able to start vegetable seeds indoors, and having a plan for what you want to grow and a planting calendar to follow will make the process go much smoother.

Whether you’re planning a complete makeover or just looking to try something new, find inspiration in these up and coming garden design trends for 2020. Need some help with updating your landscape? Drop by one of our garden centers in Lothian or Alexandria, or
request an appointment with a designer online—we’ll be happy to help you dream up a landscape that will last for years to come!


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