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The Perfect Gift for Any Plant Lover

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The countdown to Christmas is now into the single digits, and that might scare you a little if you haven’t finished your holiday decorating and shopping yet. Now is the time to be officially crossing people off of your list so that you can finally enjoy the season to the fullest. If any of those people happen to have green thumbs, you’re in luck! Here are our best gift ideas for plant lovers.

Holiday Plants and Arrangements

If you’d like to stick to a festive gift, holiday plants like poinsettias and Christmas cacti are fantastic options. Poinsettias, with their rich red and deep green colors, are popular holiday centerpieces—perfect for bringing as a thank-you to that special host or hostess on your list. If you’re looking forsomething even more elaborate, a handmade holiday centerpiece is another great choice! 

While poinsettias usually need to be replaced every year, holiday cactus, or Christmas cactus, is a winter-blooming cactus that will brighten your giftee’s home with beautiful pink blooms year after year. Amaryllis is another great choice for a lasting holiday present. This fast-growing, winter-flowering bulb provides stunning color with its lily-like blooms.

If you’re unsure about gifting something long-lasting, stick with the less-permanent wow-factor of holiday arrangements, such as winter porch pots, winter wreaths, and kissing balls. We create these handmade arrangements with fresh greenery, right here at Greenstreet Gardens!


Low-Maintenance Houseplants

If your special someone already has top-notch holiday decor, consider sticking with a plant that will add interest to their home during other times of the year (or all year long!). As fellow green thumbs, we don’t have to tell you twice just how much comfort and joy houseplants provide during the long winters we endure up here in Maryland and Virginia. And even during the greener months, plant people just can’t surround themselves with enough vibrant foliage, so they’re always willing to adopt another houseplant into their collection.

When you’re looking for a houseplant, it’s best to stick to those that are relatively easy-going—you don’t want your gift to create more work for them than it needs to. Succulents are a safe bet—they’re notoriously easy, and practically thrive on neglect. Plus, they’re available in so many different sizes, shapes, and colors! Many of them are pretty tiny, so there’s bound to be a spot for a succulent in your loved one’s home. Air plants, snake plants, ZZ plants, and dracaena are all great choices, too. Just ask one of our experienced staff members for their recommendations if you’re still unsure about which houseplant to give. 


Seed Starting Kits

For the avid outdoor gardener, why not ease their winter blues with a seed starting kit? It might heighten their excitement and eagerness for spring—but for good reason! In just a few short(ish) months, they’ll be starting their precious seeds indoors and getting them ready for spring garden planting. Help them get a head start with seeds for their flower beds or veggies for their edible garden.

If you’re looking for something else to add on to the gift, go one step further and put together a whole seed-starting kit, equipped with seedling starter trays, sterile potting soil, and even a grow lamp! Who knows—maybe they’ll even thank you down the road with some of their fresh, home-grown harvest. 


Gardening Multi-Tools

Also for the outdoor gardener, gardening multi-tools are a godsend for doing yard work. These tools compact several tools, such as hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, brush cutters, pruners, strimmers, and even chainsaws, into one, space-saving gadget—perfect for keeping both the lawn and the shed neat and tidy. Plus, an investment in one of these means your loved one will save tons of money since they don’t have to buy or replace a bunch of separate tools. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for one of these convenient gardening multi-tools. Whether it’s your significant other, your parent (we know, this present literally screams “Dad!”), or another loved one, it’s important to think about what tools are essential to their gardening routines. For example, if there are no hedges on their property, you can probably leave out the hedge trimmer. The best way to go about it is to buy the engine and the assorted tools separately, so you can handpick exactly which tools your loved one will get the most of. 

You’ll also need to choose between gas-powered and electric tools. Gas engines provide more power, but you should keep the size and weight of the appliance in mind, too. Electric tools tend to be lighter and easier to handle. Avoid gifting a tool that may just end up sitting in the corner of the garage because it’s too exhausting to use. 

 Perhaps most importantly, check to make sure that multi-tool has the right fit for attaching the tools you buy. If anything doesn’t fit correctly, don’t risk the safety hazard it may pose. 


brēth Air Purifier

We’ve talked about air-cleaning houseplants before, but brēth takes air cleaning to a whole new level. This brand new, one-of-a-kind system combines natural air-cleaning processes with precise engineering. Rather than allowing houseplants to passively clean air on their own, brēth is designed to push air through a filtration system, maximizing the air-purifying potential. 

Imagine the air quality of a room filled with almost 200 air-purifying plants—that’s what this single machine can achieve. While a jungle of greenery might be a plant lover’s paradise, it doesn’t leave much space for living. Plus, this isn’t just another clunky machine; it’s got a sleek, modern design and is available in several different colors. You can choose between three different plant combinations, and it even doubles as a desk lamp with its built-in grow light! brēth is also equipped with moisture-checking technology and will let the owner know when their containers are thirsty with an app notification system.

If you’re looking to do some serious damage to your Christmas shopping list so you can finally sit back, relax, and enjoy the season, drop into Greenstreet Gardens! We’ve got lots of great gifts at our locations in Alexandria, Belle Haven, and Lothian for the plant-lover in your life, as well as a huge assortment of holiday giftware that’ll help you finish off your list for good. 

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