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11 Fantastic Houseplants That Flower Indoors

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With spring around the corner, we’re already preparing our senses for all the wonderful, fragrant flowers of the season. Something that many of us find challenging, however, is bringing those same blooms to life indoors! If you’d like to add a pop of elegant color to your indoor decor, take a look at our top 11 best flowering houseplants:



Also referred to as the “wax plant,” hoya plants are tropical indoor plants with thick, waxy leaves that grow in a trailing fashion, making them perfect for sitting on top shelves or in hanging baskets. While their vibrant and sometimes variegated foliage is a great opening act, their dense clusters of star-shaped flowers are the real show-stoppers. Keep in mind that it may take the plant a few years to mature before displaying their porcelain-like blooms and bright pink centers—but they’re certainly worth the wait! 



African Violet

With standard varieties growing about 8-12 inches wide, African violets are relatively small houseplants, perfect for bringing bold color to tight spaces. While their characteristic color is, of course, violet, they can also display shades of blue, pink, and white. Bright, indirect light will encourage better flowering, as will careful removal of old flowers.



Kalanchoes are compact, flowering succulents that brighten your home with masses of small, vibrantly-colored flowers. Available in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and white, kalanchoes respond to the length of daylight and can be encouraged to bloom at any time of year using the proper grow lights. And we don’t need to tell you twice—nothing warms the heart quite like the sight of beautiful, summery flowers in the middle of a cold, mid-Atlantic winter. 



Peace Lily

Simple and classy, peace lilies are one of our favorite flowering houseplants. Their single, white, sheath-like petal is somehow both subtle and striking, the perfect contrast to their dark green, glossy foliage.

Peace lilies are available in a range of sizes, you can find a peace lily small enough for your kitchen table and large enough to use as a floor accent. These air-purifying and low-light indoor plants are perfect for adding life to any living space.



If your home is in need of a fun, tropical touch, then a brand new bromeliad is the showy houseplant you’re looking for! Of course, their vibrant, spiky flowers are the focal point when they’re in bloom, but bromeliads are also stunning foliage plants. Their long, strappy leaves display an impressive array of colors and patterns, including green, yellow, red, orange, and purple varieties. While bromeliads do require a specific set of conditions to bloom (which varies by cultivar), they’re worth the challenge—and they’ll still look great while you wait!




Begonias are a diverse plant family, with many different types and growth patterns. Rex begonias are incredibly popular houseplants for their boldly patterned foliage, though their flowers are pretty insignificant (although we could argue that their leaves are showy enough!). If we’re talking about big and beautiful blooms, we recommend growing fibrous-rooted begonias, such as tuberose begonias or cane begonias. These stunning plants flower in a wide range of shapes and colors and can adapt quite well to indoor conditions as long as you nurture them according to the needs of the cultivar.


Lipstick Plant

This plant is named for its unique flowers, shaped like—you guessed it—lipstick! When they first begin to bud, flowers emerge from dark red or maroon buds, resembling a tube of lipstick. As if their shape wasn’t enough, the sultry, cherry red color of this plant’s flowers top off their glamorous appeal. The lipstick plant is a trailing houseplant with glossy green leaves that cascade beautifully from hanging baskets. Under the right conditions, this plant will bloom continuously.



Jasmine Plant

There are plenty of indoor flowering plants to cherish, but those that show their beautiful blooms during the dead of winter really deserve a pedestal. While jasmine plants naturally flower in the summer, it’s easy to encourage their dainty white blooms to make a reappearance. Allow them to chill for six weeks in autumn and enjoy their subtle blooms and sweet fragrance again in February.



Orchids may have a reputation for being somewhat finicky, but they can be fairly easy if you know how to care for them. Their exotic flowers, tall stems, stunning symmetry, and sometimes fragrant scent make them worth the (small) hassle. In reality, caring for your orchid and encouraging it to re-bloom is pretty easy if you know what type of orchid plant you have and care for it accordingly. It’s no wonder orchids are one of the most sought-after houseplants on the market!



Anthuriums are adored for their charming, heart-shaped flowers in romantic shades of red, pink, and white. While these single-petaled blooms prefer bright, indirect sunlight, you can forfeit a few blooms to put it somewhere a little dimmer. As long as it has some form of indirect light, this unique houseplant can live for many years.



Lifesaver Succulents

Few succulents have a flower as unique as the lifesaver plant. Huernia, and their close relative Stapelia, are low-growing succulents reminiscent of cacti but without the prickles. Their flowers are striped or speckled with shades of yellow and red, and the true lifesaver Huernia flowers look like there is a live-sized red lifesaver candy sitting right in the middle of the flower. Give them a sunny window and they’ll surprise you with their fun flowers!


A lot of popular indoor plants focus more on foliage and less on flowering. While it can be a little tricky to find a reliable indoor bloomer, it’s certainly not impossible! If you’re looking for some of these flowering houseplants in Alexandria or Lothian, visit us at one of our three garden center locations. 

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