Every season brings different

activities here at Greenstreet Gardens

We start each new year receiving millions and millions of cuttings and seeds.

We manually plant them in trays and grow them for the required crop time. Each week, we ship these pre-finished plants to our wholesale customers to finish the growing process. Our drivers deliver plants up and down the East Coast with plans to expand our delivery area to include some Central states. While folks are more worried about the snowfall than their gardens during the winter months, we are in full gear preparing for the spring season.


By mid-April, we are bursting at the seams with finished plants for our retail division as well as our local landscape clients. Our plants come alive with vibrant colors. You can find our plants all over the metro area; from Pentagon Row to historical preservation and hotel sites. And, of course, in many of the local homeowner’s yards; that’s how we earned our tagline, “We’re the place your neighbors are talking about”.

When summer comes along, we are ready with all kinds of exotic tropicals to compliment decks, patios and poolside.

One of our buyers makes a special winter trip to Florida to ensure that our tropicals are of the highest quality. People love having us pot up palm trees with annuals tucked inside to create a one-of-a-kind container garden for their backyard.  During the summer months, we also begin receiving our fall cuttings; mums, pansies, and poinsettias.

Once summer fades into fall, we’re ready with everything folks need for autumn – pansies, mums, millet, pumpkins, cornstalks, ornamental cabbages, and kale.

You have never seen so many shades of red until you have visited us during December and walk through our holiday displays. Our poinsettias fill homes, businesses, and churches. We also specialize in custom-made wreaths and centerpieces to complement our customer’s personal home decor.


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